Chanel Chance eau Tendre EDT vs. Chanel Chance eau Tendre Sheer Moisture Mist

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Last fragrance from Chanel Chance trilogy was called eau Tendre and was imagined as a floral - fruity extension of the first Chanel Chance. And what Chanel think, Chanel do! ;)

Left: Chanel Chance Sheer Moisture Mist  Right: Chanel Chance eau Tendre EDT

Smell is a fruity - floral, an ideal summer fragrance with gorgeous light aura for those hot summer days (and nights!). It lasts for about 6 hours on my skin.

You can wear it all year long, but I find it to be a much better during the warmer weather. It is very wearable, not overpowering and even if you think it doesn't have great aura, and that you don't smell it on you, believe me people around you will notice it!

It opens with just a hint of grapefruit and quince, and after that short period you can smell gorgeous mix of jasmine and hyacinth with perfect mixed base of a musk, cedar, iris and amber.

I bet you already smell this perfume on someone who was passing by, because it is a very commonly summer fragrance. It can only be bought as a Eau de Toilette version. Only first version, the original Chanel Chance has Eau de Toilette and Eau de Perfume version.
Of course, every Chanel fragrance comes with an extra products like body lotions, body creams, shower creams and gels, soaps ...

And today I want to present and compare for you EDT and Sheer Moiuster Mist also another extra product of Chanel Chance eau Tendre version. 

Chanel Chance eau Tendre EDT - this fragrance is selling only in bottles of 1.6 .oz (around 80$) and 3.3 .oz (around 100$) those are the prices in Croatia. It comes in a glass, round shaped bottle, like all other Chance editions. And has the same pink box, like other Chance editions, only difference is the name of fragrance written on the box.

Chanel Chance eau Tendre EDT 1.6 .oz

Sheer Moisture Mist - I really don't know, why I never even look in this kind of products. Maybe because I was used to have only glass bottles of perfume. And since I love the smell of the original fragrance, I know this can't be bad. 

This Sheer Moisture Mist comes in  elegant spray bottle, size of 3.3 .oz, and price is around 50$. This product is something like a body lotion, but with spray. This is more a skin scent, but you can smell it very nice, even it is lighter but much nicer version of fragrance. 
It doesn't contain alcohol, and it is much easier to wear it during the hot weather. For those allergic to alcohol in fragrances, I think this is great substitute. 
It last on me for about 4 - 5 hours, I think it is great wearability considering it doesn't contain alcohol. And also price for this size of Sheer Moisture is very acceptable, especially because I'm using the same amount of both product. 

Chanel Chance eau Tendre Sheer Moisture Mist 3.3 .oz

Left: Chanel Chance eau Tendre Sheer Moisture Mist  Right: Chanel Chance eau Tendre EDT

Conclusion: Both this products are very good, and you won't regret it, if you purchase any of this products. Of course, that the better option would be if you can have them both, because smell will last longer on you. But I'm giving little advantage to Sheer Moisture Mist because of great rate price and size.

Do you like Chanel perfumes? Which one is you're favorite?
Maja xx

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