Dior Addict vs. Dior Addict eau Sensuelle

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Ten years after first Addict edition, we are meeting his sensual (!?) version, simply called Addict eau Sensuelle. 

Left: Addict eau Sensuelle      Right: Addict

As you can see in first picture, there are no big changes in packaging, but color of Addict eau Sensuelle is little lighter than the original Addict, and of course the name Eau Sensuelle is written on the box.

Left: Addict eau Sensuelle                    Right: Addict

Now, you can notice changes in color of bottle. But whole impression is that bottle remains the same shape as all Addict bottles before. They are simple bottles with unusual handling. You have to turn cap from left to right and then press it. There is even an instruction picture (for clumsy one like me :D )when you open top of the box.


If you maybe imagine that Addict eau Sensuelle will be sensual and maybe stronger version of original Addict, well you got it wrong. They don't have any similarity, only same shape of bottle and box.

Addict eau Sensuelle - is lighter, spring - summer and flowery version of first Addict. I presume this one was imagined for warmer weather, and original is for cold one. Addict eau Sensuelle says in description that it is based on rose, but unfortunately I don't smell any rose I just smell jasmine, bitterly, sour and little freshly jasmine. This perfume is great for warmer weather, and with one spritz it last for 6 hours on my hand. I think that is great wearability consider this is lighter perfume. 

Dior - Addict eau Sensuelle

Dior Addict - well, I must say that this one here is really THE perfume. You will be noticed with this one. Truly oriental perfume for nights out, you will experience his full expression during colder time. His wearability is very strong, he will stick with you through the day. Great combination of Bulgarian rose, Night Queen flower and bourbon vanilla will swipe you of you're feet. Literally. 

Dior - Addict

Conclusion: I like them both (what else is new :D) but I'm giving little advantage to first Addict, because it is richer, warmer and prettier perfume. Addict eau Sensuelle isn't just another summer watery perfume, he is far from that, if you're looking summer flowery perfume like Chanel Chance eau Tendre, Marc Jacobs - Daisy Hot Pink Edition, Bvlgari - Omnia Coral, Lancome - Tresor in Love ... than Addict eau Sensuelle isn't perfume for you, because of his bitterness and freshness. I think you should try it, but if you're looking for THE kick ass perfume, than original Addict is better choice. 

Left: Addict eau Sensuelle                     Right: Addict

Have you already try this perfumes? What do you think about them?
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