Holy Grail (HG) product - Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water

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Two years ago I bought my first thermal water, and it was from brand Vichy. I don't know why I bought that ... a-ha, I remember now ... when I was expecting my first child, I tough that I should take this water with me in the labor room,  thinking I will have time to spray my face, and that it would be usefully, yeah right, like I was know then, what to expect there. Thermal water?! Really, Maja?! LOL!

But, after I used that thermal water for a few times, I realized that it really dries my skin, and I really didn't understand at that point what is so GREAT about thermal waters if it dries my skin?

This is my first thermal water, pictures is taken from Vichy site (I trow mine away after I use it)

This summer I'm having problems with atopic dermatitis, the reason I got it because I was showering for 2, 3 times in one day and also I have allergies on some metals and food, and result of all that was an awfully rash, redness, and itching on some parts of my skin. I was really desperate and then I notice that Vichy thermal water, on the top of my shelf and I use it just to "cool of" places with a rash. And I can tell you that it saved me. Irritation was minimal after few days, and after about 10 days it was almost gone.
When I used whole bottle, I had to buy another, bigger bottle. And this time I decide to try Avene Thermal Water.

Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water

I'm so glad that I bought Avene instead Vichy this time, because Avene is PERFECT thermal water for my problem, and it doesn't dries my skin. 

In about 2 days my rash and redness was almost gone, and there were no itching, and since then I can say that Avene Therma Water is HG for me! With Vichy, healing process would last for about 10 - 15 days, and there were little marks on the places where rash was, and with Avene everything was great with in 5 days, and there are no any kinds of marks on the places where rash was. 

It says on label, that Croatian  dermatologists recommendes this Thermal Water, and survey about that was taken on 4th congress of Croatian dermatologists. 

I used it on my face, and I haven't felt any dryness, and tension while I was using it. 

Conclusion: This is definetly my HG product, and I will use it forever. Not only for alergiess, because this is multipurpose product it will be used in another purpose. Price of this bottle of 10 .oz is around 12$ here in Croatia. 

Have you ever used Thermal water? What do you thing about them?
Maja xx

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