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In last two months I bought some of the Balea products, and they can only be found in DM drugstores. I love Balea products, some of them are very great, and some of them are little less great, but I think they are all worth their price.

First product that I bought was the Babylove face cream for children. I read all good rewieves on the about it, so I gave it a try. 

Babylove face cream for children

Even it says Babylove on this product, it is also DM range, and it can be bought only in DM drugstores. 

If you had read my earlier posts, than you know that I already write how I have a "weird" skin :D well, this Babylove cream was the only cream that I could use for a longer time, and it didn't caused any trouble to my face. But I can't say that this is my THE cream, because it doesn't have a SPF, and it is a bit heavy on the face, so I'm using it before I go to sleep, it has good hydration, it is meant for children, and because of that it doesn't contain any preservatives, and colors. It smells nice, like baby products, it absorbs very fast into skin, it is white color and has a thick texture. Price of this  Babylove face cream is around 2$ for size of 2.5 .oz.

Balea Body Lotion Coconut and Tiare Flower

This summer I'm all into smell of a coconut. I love that smell, and because of that I bought this body lotion in the picture above. But, this lotion doesn't smell like coconut. I don't like this smell, it is more creamy, and you can smell little bit of a coconut (if I can name that smell a coconut) It is ok as a lotion, easy to blend, and it absorbs relatively fast. I don't think I will repurchase it again, but I'm glad that I try it. It is Limited Edition, and price is around 2$ for 6.6 .oz of product. 

Balea Hand Lotion

I was looking for this product for awhile, and wasn't so sure will I like it. I was little sceptical about raspberry scent, because I don't like when my hands smells like a strong scent. I really like packing, and since it is Limited Edition, I had to try it. And I'm glad I did, because it is great. I'm using it almost every day, after I wash my hands, it doesn't dries my skin, it leaves it damply and soft, without sticky feeling, and it absorbs very fast, and luckily smell isn't overpowering! I recommend this hand lotion, and I will repurchase it again till is gone. Price is around 2$ for 10 .oz of product!

Balea Soft cream

I also read good rewieves about this soft cream over the, so I also had to try it. This is also another great product from Balea. This could be a great dupe for Nivea universal cream in a blue package. But this one is a less thicker than Nivea. It absorbs very fast, leaves you're skin very soft and silk, I really love this cream. It is multipurpose cream and can be used for face and body. Price is around 2$ for 8.3 .oz of product. 

Balea Hand Concentrate

I don't like this product. I have to wait for about 100 years for this thing to absorbs, and when (if) it absorbs it leaves that sticky feeling on your skin, and I don't like that at all. It is see through when you apply it, and when you start to blend it, then it turns white on your skin. It doesn't do anything to my skin, it just sits there and doesn't do anything. Waste of money. Price is around 1$ for 1.6 .oz of product. But I think you can get way to much better hand cream for about 1$ more. Like Dove deep care hand cream, which is my favorite at the moment. I already used 5 of them in last 8 months.
This is that hand cream in the picture below:
Dove - deep care hand cream (picture taken from internet)

Balea glatz intesive serum

I didn't read anything about this hair serum, I run out of my Matrix hair oil, so I needed something ASAP, because I couldn't wait for my order to arrived. So I decided to give this serum a chance. This product is ok, nothing special but it works his job pretty well for a drugstore product. Price is around 4$ for 1.6 .oz of product. It leaves you're hair soft and shiny, but I was still feeling weight of my hair, and I don't feel that same weight when I'm using my Matrix hair oil.

Balea Urea Under eye cream

I never used any under eye creams before this one in picture above. Sorry, I just miss that part somehow in my beauty routine since now, because I'm getting older :)
So, since I haven't used anything by now, I can't tell you is this cream really good. I can feel that it is "working" something around my eye area, but what it is, I don't know. :D I'm feeling better when I feel that "working" part on my face. It doesn't break me, so I continued to use it. Price of this under eye cream is around 4$ for 0.5 .oz of product. 

Balea Fragaipini shower oil, which is in the first picture I already rewieved here.

Have you already try any of Balea products? Which one? What do you think about them?
Maja xx

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