L'oreal Infallible eyeshadow Part I.

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While I was decideing which Chanel Illusion d'ombre eyeshadow to choose, I noticed L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows, and decide to give them a try, because they had wide range of colors, and they were about 4 times cheaper. And I must say, that Chanel Illusion d'ombre can hide in front of L'oreal Infallible eyesadows, because this one are way to much pigmented. 

I split this review in two parts, and today I'm presenting you first five of ten.

first row from left to right: Purple Obsession i Endless Chocolate
middle: Goldmine
last row from left to right: Innocent Turquoise i Magnetic Coral

This eyeshadows are very, very pigmented, L'oreal says that they could last for 24 hours. I haven't test them for that long time, but they last on my eyes for at least 8 hours WITHOUT base, they haven't shrink in the middle, and when they passed that test, they had green light from me! And then my obsession  has begun. I'm having 10 of them, but I not planing to stop on that number.

I like packaging of this eyeshadows, they come with this plastic lid you can see it in picture below (this black thing), and his function is to press eyeshadow, and I think that is great idea, because eyeshadows looks properly in place. 

Purple Obssesion

This eyeshadows weight 3.5 grams, and they will last forever, for their great pigmentation. Price is around 10$ here in Croatia. But you can find them over interenet, I bought some of mine eyeshadows over Feelunique and E bay UK. 

You can see some swatches below, with one finger draw, and WITHOUT base

with flash
from left to right: Purple Obsession, Endless Chocolate, Goldmine, Innocent Turquois, Magnetic Coral 

daily light
from left to right: Purple Obsession, Endless Chocolate, Goldmine, Innocent Turquois, Magnetic Coral 
Innocent Turqoise seems to be less pigmented than the others, but what is that to the 4 other in this case? :D

Left: Innocent Turqoise Rigt: Magnetic Coral

Conclusion: I'm really thrill with this eyeshadows.  I bought Magnetic Coral and Innocent Turqoise over  Feelunique. They were released during Cannes Festival with L'or Collection. If you enlarge picture with Purple Obssesion and last picture you will notice how Innocent Turqoise and Magnetic Coral have one more color mixed with them. 
Goldmine was a gift, thank you S. :D 

Have you tried some of this eyeshadowa? Do you like how pigmented they are?
Maja xx

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