Sephora Smoothing primer & Anti shine primer

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I start to use base (primer) for foundation or BB creams 11 months ago. I read about them for a long time, and decide to go with Sephora base as my first choice. And at that time they were on sale for around 4$ instead 20$ for 1 .oz of product. So I bought 2 pieces "just in case".

Sephora - Anti shine primer

I didn't know what to expect, so I need to try it to see what does this thing to. After I apply it for the first time I noticed that my face looks better, and smoother and that foundation looks great with it.
Function of primer is exactly that, better setting of foundation on you're skin and also protective barrier between foundation and you're skin.

This base didn't brake me, and I continued to use it every time when I do my makeup. Few days ago, employee in Sephora told me that they don't sell them anymore, so I didn't know what to buy instead. 
And then I noticed another Sephora primer - Smoothing primer, and he is also on sale, around 6$ for 0.5 oz of product. Because unfortunately Sephore is closing :( in Croatia on August 31st, so everything will be on sale soon. 

Sephora - Smoothing primer

I tested Smoothing primer for few days and I can tell you that it is very great. My skin looks smoother, probably because of silicon that this primer contains. I like this package, with pump, it is easier to use, and more hygienic. I used BB creams over this base, and it last on me whole day, everything was in place. 

Left: Smoothing primer   Right: Anti shine primer

As you can see in this picture above, they are different kinds of base. Left is Smoothing primer, see through base, it is little thicker than Anti shine base, which is white. Both blends very good on skin, and they don't leave any scent on you're face. 

Conclusion: This is must have product. It doesn't have to be from Sephora, almost every makeup brand have primers in their range of products. I wear only BB creams for 3 days in a row, without primer and it break me little, so I really think that base is usefully, because they can also save you from breaking out. 
Both this base will matte you're skin. My skin is combination, and during summer it gets very oily, and with this primers I'm very pleased because they controlled my oilness for about 6 hours. 

Have you tried any makeup primer? What do you think about them?
Maja xx

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