Stella McCartney Stella, Stella Sheer 2008., Stella Nude and Stella Sheer 2011.

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If you're looking perfect scent of a rose, I bet you will find it in some of the Stella McCartney Stella perfumes. I found it ... in four actually! :-/

My search for perfect rose stopped that day when I tried first, original Stella McCartney - Stella. And when I liked first Stella, I knowed I'll love the other ones too. The others are "rosy water" - various variations of original Stella. So let's begin...

From left to right: Stella Sheer 2011., Stella Sheer 2008., and Stella

Stella EDP - Stella herself told that she wanted to achieve smell of a older rose, but I must say I don't smell "that" rose in this scent, because I imagine that old rose scent would smell something like Lalique - Encre Noir, but that's just mine opinion on old rose, and I wan't to write you my opinion on this rose from Stella.

This rose is modern, gentle, soft and little bit oily rose, with perfect combination of peony and mandarin, and all that is gently balanced with great amber finish.
This fragrance was released 2003. and it comes in 1. oz, 1.6. oz, 3.3 .oz,  size bottles. It was created in companionship with one of the famous fragrance designer Jacques Cavalliera you my already "smell"  his work through the Poeme, Midnight Poison, Hot Couture, Elle, Alchime, Cinema ... and many more.

Stella McCartney - Stella

Stella Sheer 2008 - This Stella was released 2008. as a Limited Edition in 3.3 .oz size bottle. Great spring/summery fragrance. This time we have lighter rose scent mixed with white peony, freesia and again white amber as finish base. Maybe that's why this bottle is white? :)
Much lighter and fresher version of the first Stella, great fragrance for warmer weather. 

Stella Sheer 2008

Stella Nude - was released 2009., and Stella herself told that this fragrance presents first morning freshness and first ray of the sun. I would agree with her, it is very light fragrance, and you won't make mistake with it in those days when you don't know what fragrance to use, this one is a great choice, because it is not overpowering. It is mixed with hint of pink pepper, peony, grapefruit and of course with a perfect amber base. 
It comes in 1 .oz, 1.6 .oz, 3.3 .oz size bottles. Unfortunately I don't have mine picture because I got a decant from my friend as a present. Thank you S.! But I used picture from internet, so you can see how it looks like. 

Stella Nude (picture from internet)

Stella Sheer 2011 -  last Stella in my collection was released 2011., just in 3.3 .oz size bottle. This time we have a scent of the organic rose, with opening of a grape and plum, lemon and apple make this rose little tender, and amber was used as a base. This is also lighter version of first Stella, and very, very nice smell for warm weather. 

Stella Sheer 2011

Conclusion: All variations of Stella fragrances are gorgeous, and it is hard for me to choose one that is much better than the other. They all have almost the same ingredients, but they are all different and special on their own ways. But, if you're looking for nice, modern, gentle and a bit sexy rose smell I think you can't go wrong with original Stella!

From left to right Stella Sheer 2008., Stella, Stella Sheer 2011.

Have you tried any of the Stella McCartney perfumes? What do you think about them?
Maja xx

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