Ebay: Set of 3 Color Waterproof Gel Eyeliner + Brush

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As you can presume from the title of today's post, I'm reviewing another purchase from the Ebay :) Ebay is my best internet friend for awhile :) I love when I can find everything I wan't in one moment, and with a few clicks I order it. It has been so boring for me to go in the Shopping centers to find something, when everything is so much easier from the Ebay. You know that already! ;)

So, I decided to buy some gel eyeliners, my black gel eyeliner from the Essence is almost gone, so I found these 3 in 1, with silver, brown and black colors in it. 

E bay: 3 Color Waterproof Gel Eye Liner 

This Gel eyeliner comes in a square plastic lid and they are stacked, very easy to  use and they are very practical. I bought them from this seller for the price of 2,99$, and they were delivered for about 20 days.
I'm very surprised with intensity of this colors, especially the black, the brown is also nice, but the grey (silver) needs two coats for an opaque look.

Texture of this gel eyeliners is very greasy, they are very smooth to use. The brush that comes in a set is not very good, for me, so I'm using a regular brush to apply this gel eyeliners. 

And... also, something else :D (hope you won't kill me :) ) but, for me it was a bit funny, and if you noticed in a link above, where you can purchase this gel eyeliners you will noticed that you can't see this on the pictures ...

That is a top lid of the whole stack. I presume it is a fake one, because they are very cheap, and also the "Chanel" logo wasn't visible in the add. But I'm very satisfied with quality of this gel eyeliners. I don't like the smell of it, but I don't like it in the Essence gel liner either, and I still wear it. So, this is a good purchase for me, because I'm looking for a greasy and easy to use gel liners and this ones are great for that price. 

Do you using gel eyeliners? What do you think about this "Chanel" gel eyeliners? :D
Maja xx

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