Christian Dior: Midnight Poison vs. Midnight Poison Elixir

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Of all the Poisons from Dior, Midnight Poison has the best smell on my skin. I'm more "me" when I'm wearing it, and the other Poisons just didn't "click" with a chemistry of my skin.

Left: Midnight Posion     Right: Midnight Poison Elixir

Midnight Poison - was released in 2007. and was created by Oliver Cresp (Light Blue, Noa, Ange ou Demon, Kenzo Amour, Angel ...), Jacques Cavallier (Poeme, Nina, Alchimie, Stella, Cinema ...) and Francois Demachy (Hypnotic Poison, Miss Dior, Dior Addict eau Sensuelle ...).

Bottle of the Midnight Poison was inspired by Chinese bottles from the 17. century called  "snuff bottles", and they come in size of a 1 .oz, a 1.6 .oz and a 3.3 . oz EDP, and also in a small pure perfume bottle of  a 0,25 .oz with the line of a body care. 
Face of this perfume is gorgeous Eva Green, you may know here from the Bond 007 movie - Casino Royale.

Christian Dior - Midnight Poison 

Through this perfume you will notice a strong scent of a patchouli, which gives this perfume a bit of a "masculine" scent, and for that reason this perfume can be wear by men and women. I love it because, for me this perfume has the best mix of a patchouli and a rose, with amber as a base, and no other perfume doesn't have that owerpowering well blended smell like Midnight Poison does (I'm talking to you Guerlain Idylle Duet) :) 

Also, even this is a strong perfume it can be wear through the whole year, it is very delightful, but the only thing that is bothering me a bit is that it can only last for about 4 hours on my skin. For one strong and EDP perfume I expect longer lasting power. But, since it is gorgeous I'll have to accept this mistake. :)

Left: Midnight Poison    Right: Midnight Poison Elixir

Midnight Poison Elixir - was released in 2008., with atomiser bottle and can be bought only in bottle size of a 1 .oz and a 1.6 .oz. It was created by Francois Demachy.

I bought Elixir version of Midnight Poison hoping it would last longer on my skin, BUT ... unfortunately I was very disappointed. I was thinking that Elixir version should be longer, intensive, fuller ...  version of the original perfumes, but I was wrong. With Elixir version I got top notes with vanilla and caramel, with a hint, A HINT of a patchouli and a rose, with same base of amber. And so I just smell that owerpowering scent of  vanilla and caramel for about 2 hours, and then nothing, all gone. Ok, I'm really angry how can this be an Elixir?! This is not Elixir, this is EDT for my opinion, or cologne! The only pretty thing  is this cute atomiser, even smell of this perfume is nice, it is not worth the price over  a 100$ for 1.6 .oz. It is not. 

Christian Dior - Midnight Poison Elixir

Disclosure: I said everything in the post, maybe I could just say one more thing, when Elixir starts to develop on my skin (that is usually few moments before it disappears from my skin) there is a slight similarity between the Midnight Poison and the Elixir Midnight Poison, but I expected more, much more from the Elixir. Midnight Poison is much, much better because of it's wearabilty through the whole year. If you like strong and a bit of a "masculine" notes in a perfume you should try Midnight Poison. 

Have you ever tried any Poison from Dior? Which one is your favorite?
Maja xx

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