Sneak Peak: Artdeco Mystic Garden Collection autumn/winter 2012.

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Oh my! There are to many "to die for" products in new autumn/winter 2012. collection from Artdeco that I just don't know how will my wallet survive when I start to grab everything! :) Enough writing, let pictures speaks for themself ;) ...

Artdeco Mystic Garden autumn/winter 2012.

Artdeco Mystic Garden Collection includes: 

Mystic Garden magnetic box to storage a four magnetic eyeshadows or a magnetic blush 

Mono magnetic eyeshadow in shades:
#283 Intense Aubegrine, #89 Pearly Eternal Violet, #213 Attractive Nude and #209 Earth Spirit

Eye Desinger eyeshadow in shades:
#90 Autumn Flower and #98 Rich Cream 

Magnetic blush in shade #36 Autumn Fruit

Mineral powder in shade  #40 Natural 

 Ceramic Nail Polishes in shade: 
#26 Deep Scarlet Red, #07 Pink Cabaret, #31 Brown Truffle,  and #69 Rich Cream 

Lip Gloss in shade #40 Translucent Cryptal Bud

Perfect Color lipstick in shade:
#32 Autumn Flower and #82 Cabaret Pink 

Art Couture lipstick in shade:
#205 Cream Tosca Red and #231 Cream Autumn Brown 

Lip Pencil in shade:
#12 Mineral Tosca Red

Mascara All In One in shade:
#07 Grey Green

High Precision Liquid Liner in shade:
#03 Playful Brown 

Soft Kajal Liner in shade:
#64 Warm Brown

Soft Eyeliner Waterproof in shade:
#16 Autumn Leaves

Magnetic box, nail polishes and mono magnetic eyeshadows are gorgeous!
This collection should be avaliable in Muller by the end of the August or in the first days of September. 

Picture taken from official page

What do you think about Artdeco Mystic Garden Collection? Have you find something interesting?
Maja xx

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