Lancome: Mono eyeshadow G40 - Erika F.

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I discovered Erika F. while I was reading Croatian on line beauty magazine Ogledalo (eng. Mirror) and was interesting by the story in it, so I went to the nearest perfumery to try Erika F. and thank God I wasn't impressed by it, because I'm not impressed with anything when I'm purchasing makeup under that artificially light. I learned my lesson long time ago, and I believe swatches on the internet more than one on my hand under the perfumery light.

Erika F. was to sparkly for me, but I didn't know then, that each time you blend Erika F. into your skin it sparks more and more. Interesting right?
So, I went home with Erika F. in my mind, and I still wasn't impressed by it but I wanted to have it  in my collection. Stupid vanity! :D

In that time feelunique had a summer sale, and with a few promotional codes I ordered Erike F. for about 13 pounds with free shipping. What can I say, I couldn't resist.

Lancome G40 - Erika F. 

Lancome G40 - Erika F.

Lancome G40 - Erika F. 

It arrived for about 7 days, and I still wasn't impressed with it while I was watching the pan, until I haven't try it on my lids. And everything changed. My whole opinion on Erika F. was changed, and I was in love. This gorgeous shade completely change my mind about Erika F. when I noticed how my eyes pop with it, and how gorgeous it looks on my eyes I was only angry on myself why I haven't bought Erika F. long time ago. 
Gorgeous shade, for every girl and can be wear with any look. Simply but gorgeous! I'm seriously thinking to order one more Erika F. just in case. 

G40 is a number of an older version of Erika F. and it weights 0.05 .oz, and the new version is under the number I202, and it weights 0.08 .oz. New version is a bit better in texture, more smoother, and has more sparkly effect in it. It is not too much difference in the color, just in the intensity of sparkles. 
Color is gorgeous, unusually dark green with a hint of a grey color. 

I compare two eyeshadow from my collection, so you can try to get the an idea how Erika F. look like. 


with flash

day light
L: Maybelline Immortal Charcoal                  R: L'oreal Permanent Khaki
with flash
Left: Immortal Charcoal, Middle: Erika F. Right: Permanent Khaki


I'm also impressed with longlivety of Erika F. it lasted on my lids for about 12 hours, and intensity of color was fading after 10 hours. I don't have a greasy lids and I wear it without a base. 

Have you already heard about Erika F.? What do you think about it?
Maja xx

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