By Kilian - Arabian Nights; Amber Oud

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After I introduced you with Prelude to love a fragrance from the first By Kilian story - L'Oeuvre Noir it is time to present you something completly different than Prelude to love, his majesty Oud - Amber Oud!

By Kilian Amber Oud source

Amber Oud was released in 2011. as a part of the second story By Kilian called Arabian Nights.
Under that story it is all about Oud,  which is a main ingredient when it comes to Arabic perfumes.
With Amber Oud in collection, you can find Pure Oud, Rose Oud and Incense Oud and they all together make one story - Arabian Nights.

This fragrance comes in a gorgeous, black, heavy bottle wrapped in to a black silk, like all By Kilian fragrances. Simply, but gorgeous. I love it.
Bottle comes in a 1.3 .oz, and there is a smaller version - a travel version of 1. oz.

Of all By Kilian perfumes that I'v tried, this one in my opinion is the best. I'm a huge fan of oriental fragrances, and I love oriental and woody notes. And one of the best combination in oriental perfumes are amber and vanilla. And Amber Oud is full of smokey vanilla with amber on my skin, and it is so gorgeous to smell. Luckily, I don't smell that medical scent of Oud in this perfume because Kilian used artifically Oud in this scent.
By Kilian Amber Oud source

The only thing that is bothering me a bit is the aura of this scent. It is barely there, because it is more of a skin scent, so if you think that people will look after you and ask you "which fragrance do you wear?" they won't. Maybe in a intimate company someone will. 

I think that oriental perfumes should have a huge aura, and Amber Oud desirves to be noticed, but maybe Mr. Kilian imagine it only for "that special occasion" I don't know, but I'll have to forgive him for that, because this scent is so gorgeous and have a great longlivety on my skin that aura is not a big deal. It lasted on my skin for about 10 hours, and I'm impressed with that. Nice job Mr. Kilian!

By Kilian Amber Oud Travel Size source

When I joined in to  By Kilian Club on Facebook I recieved sample of Amber Oud, and I'm so happy I did because unfortunatelly it can't be found here in Croatia.

By Kilian - Amber Oud

What do you think about this fragrance? Have you try it already?
Maja xx

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