Max Factor Face Finity 3in1 - #75 Golden and #77 Soft Honey

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Max Factor recently released a new makeup product - Face Finity All Day Flawless 3in1, which should act as a primer, a concealer and a foundation - 3in1

Max Factor 
Face Finity #77 Soft Honey

I win this product on Max Factor Facebook  page the last month, and I had a chance to chose which shade to pick. I'm #60 Sand in Aglesess Elixir so they send me  #77 Soft Honey. 
Beside #77 Soft Honey, the other shades which are available are #40 Light Ivory, #45 Warm Almond, #47 Nude, #50 Natural, #55 Beige, #75 Golden and #80 Bronze.

The package is a factory sealed which I prefer better, so I can be safe that no one hasn't open it and use it before me.
It comes in a glass bottle, with a black plastic (easy to use) pump size of 1. oz, and the price here in Croatia is around 17$.

Today I'm comparing two shades of this foundation  #75 Golden and #77 Soft Honey, because I received a sample of #75 Golden shade in my local drugstore.

The texture of this foundation is not too thick and not too watery, and very easy to use, it blends perfectly and the best way for me to apply it was with my fingers.
This foundation is very light and it feels very smooth and matte on my face, almost flawless.

in the sun
L: #75 Golden       R: #77 Soft Honey

L: #75 Golden            R: #77 Soft Honey

with flash

in the sun
L: #75 Golden    R: #77 Soft Honey


with flash

This foundation can be applied in two layers, firs layer is a primer, while the second layer is for full coverage, and if you have some imperfections on your skin, you can apply it as a concealer
It has a medium and full coverage, depend on the layers your applying it.

I use it in every combination and it turns out to be perfect in just one layer, because my skin doesn't need to much of a coverage, and with one layer it looks more natural, and I prefer a more lighter coverage. With two layers my skin feels more heavier and also it oxides so it looks a bit darkish. It lasted for about 6 hours on my skin, and it fades equally which is great, and the matte effect was surprisingly good after 6 hours, on my combination skin.

In picture below I wear shade #77 Soft Honey in just one layer, without concealing, as you can see :)

without foundation

#77 Soft Honey

Conclusion: I'm very satisfied with this foundation and it really does what it says. You can try lots of combination with it until you find what suits you the best. It is not the best choice for the girls with dry skin, so I recommend that you apply a face cream to moisture your skin before applying this foundation.

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How do you like this new Max Factor 3in1 foundation? Have you noticed it yet?
Maja xx

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  1. Odlicna recenzija, volim MaxFactor-ove pudere mada ovaj jos uvek nisam probala.

    1. Hvala ti! Ovo je zaista odličan puder, ali ako imaš osjeljivu kožu, nažalost postoji mogućnost da ti izbiju prištiću od njega.

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