Catrice LE Revoltaire Collection - 02 Explosive Combination & 02 Nude Alarm

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Current Limited Edition from the Catrice is called Revoltaire. I'm impressed with the colors, because they are very unusual (color blocking) when it comes to quad palettes.

You can notice in a picture below what does collection includes:

Catrice Revoltaire source

I picked up an eyeshadow palette - 02 Explosive Combination and a 02 Nude Alarm - lipstick

I love the packaging of the palette, it is so pretty and looks like royalty case, with this relief on it. It is not a high quality package, but it is nice for a drugstore brand. 

Catrice - Revoltaire 02 Explosive Combination 

Inside the palette there is a big mirror  under the cap, and 4 eyeshados (metallic gray, dark green/brown, coral pink and shimmery gold), they work great mixed all together. 

Eyeshadows are great pigmentation, except the darkest eyeshadow (bottom row on the right) it is a matte eyeshadow, but it is supposed to be a liner, so you can apply it with a damp brush on your lid. This palette also contains a mini two way (sponge and liner) brush. 

without eyeshadow base

with eyeshadow base

Colors in the palette are gorgeous, and I love a coral pink color, it is refreshing and very pretty. 
I wear them for the whole day on my lids, without eyeshadow base and they lasted on my eyes through the whole day. They blend perfectly, but they are also falling out a lot. The price is around 6$.

Catrice - Revoltaire 02 Nude Alarm

I bought this lipstick, because I don't have any nude lipstick in my collection, so it would be great, when I'm doing a bit dramatic look on my eyes. 
It is a matte lipstick, very creamy, it didn't dry my lips, and it looks like a skin color when it is applied on the lips. The price is around 5$.

Did you find something interesting in this collection?
Maja xx

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