ItGirl & Kanebo Sensai Event

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Last week I was invited with a few other bloggers to the event which was organized by Croatian portal  It Girl in colaboration with the Japanese brand Kanebo.

We had a chance to watch a few movies and excange opinions on some products. We also had a huge Sensai display with a makepu on the one side, and on the other side, we had a very expensive face and body products to test.
Some of those body and face products win a few  Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards.

I like the fact that Kanebo is so devoted to the skin care line, much more than the makeup line, and for so I belive they are a very high quality brand, when it comes to a skin care. 

They are using one of the most expenisve silk in their products - Koishimaru silk. 
And also, the Kanebo experts are working on, to stimulate a skin cells so they can regenerate by using Kanebo products. 

Kanebo line of skin products can be bought in USA, Europe, Middle East and South Africa, but not in Japan. It is a bit unusally, considering the fact that the Kanebo brand is from the Japan. But makeup products can be bought worldwide. 

This is just a small piece of the huge palette of products which Kanebo offers. Time passes away very fast when your having fun, and I was late as usua. 
I just had to take a peek at Serge Lutens display. What can I say? I can't help myself when I'm around perfumes. :)

Just before the end Maja from the AddToLove blog, had a "SPA tretmant" in front of us, and Filipina was explaning us how to use some of the products, like cleansing foams, 3D mask, peelings...

And just before we all went home, we recieved a little treat from Kanebo Sensai, but I'm not going to tell you what it is, until I test it properly so I can write a post about it! :)

Have you tried any of Kanebo Senasi products? Any thoughts? 
Maja xx

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