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I read about REN cosmetics just once, and I remembered only the name, because it was easy to remember. And wasn't bother at all to find out a bit more about this brand.

Last month a very nice promoter girl stopped me at my local drugstore and we chat a little bit about REN skincare products, and she suggested me which product will suit me the most. I wasn't planing to spend 40$+ for something I didn't know will it suit me, but than she offered me a few samples to try it at home for a couple of days. I got a Mayblossom T control cleansing gel,  a Active 7 Radiant eye gel, and a Vita mineral day cream.

REN is a British brand, and they don't use parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, silicons, mineral oils, DEA in their products. But they do use a milk in one of their product Hydra Calm Youth Defence Serum, and beeswax in Mayday Mayday Rescue Balm product.

Mayblossom T control cleansing gel - this is a super gentle cleansing gel, it leaves my skin very fresh and clean. I noticed a difference between this cleansing gel, and my regular cleansing gel, because after I wash my face with REN cleansing gel I noticed that my pores are less visible, skin looks very smooth and fresh. It didn't dry my skin, and my T zone was under control during the day. It smells like mix of various herbals, for me, mostly like lavander smell.
I used it for 10 days and was very happy with this product, and it is one of the best that I had a chance to try. The price is around 17 pounds for 5. oz. bottle.

REN Active 7 Radiant Active eye gel - I have only used 2 under eye products so far, so I don't have to much of experience on that area, but I can honestly tell that I have noticed difference with REN Active 7 eye gel.
My under eye area looked like I was sleeping for 10 hours instead my regular 3 or 4 hours. My eyes were so much brighter and rested and my darker under eye area was less visible, I was really impressed. I used my sample of 0.1 .oz for 3 weeks, so you really need a tiny amount of it to cover the whole area, under and below your eyes. It absorbs very fast, and you can apply it again when it absorbs into skin if it is necessary. It doesn't have any scent, and it feels very nice, not sticky,  when it is applied.
The price is around 25 pounds here in Croatia for 0.5 .oz of product.

Vita Mineral day cream is another excellent product, it is very light and absorbs very quickly into skin. It has a very subtle scent, almost unnoticeable. My skin is nicely hydrated and very smooth after using this cream. Also, it can be used as a makeup base. The price is around 28 pounds for 1.3 .oz of product. 

But I think there are also, much better  drugstore face creams for a cheaper price than this one. Maybe there are also cheaper under eye creams and cleansing gels, but I wasn't lucky enough to find them yet. 

I'm planing to buy Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel because I'm in love with this product. Also, I would like a cleansing gel but, eye gel is a priority at the  moment. 

*all pictures are taken from the REN official website

Have you tried any REN Clean Skincare? Any thoughts? If not, will you?
Maja xx

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