Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Vip Gold Collection

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Yet another BB cream from the Skin79 brand, but at the moment, this one in my opinion is the best of all that I had a chance to try. 
And it is not so gorgeously, perfect, photoshopped great, but it works great for me. 

Skin79 BB Vip Gold cream comes in a brown/goldish box, inside the box is a bottle with a pump and it weighs 40 grams. I love a pump packaging, it is easy to use and it is much better than those packaging in a tube.

This BB cream can be bought on ebay, and it comes in a various sizes, from sample sizes of 2 grams, through the tube packaging of 5 i 25 grams, and packaging with a pump that contains 15 i 40 grams. 

Price is different according the packaging from 0.99$ for the cheapest sample size, and around 12$ for the biggest package. 

Skin79 Vip Gold BB is a medium thick in texture, it blends perfectly so you don't need to much of it to cover the whole face. 
It is very light when you apply it and that is what I like the most about this cream, it is barley there, and my skin looks very smooth, healthier, just like mine but better.

It has a very light coverage, so It is not the best choice for those who prefer a higher coverage, but it will cover redness around the nose, and neutralize your under eye area just a bit, so maybe you'll need to use a concealer to cover those parts. 

I have a combination skin and during the day my T zone can get a bit oily, but I haven't noticed that problem while I was using this BB cream, which is the other reason why I love it.
And I don't have to use a pressed powder for that area at all.
It lasted for about 5 or 6 hours on my skin, and then it started to fade equally. 
Also, the color of this BB cream is nice, it is more on the yellow, which I prefer better, it is not grey like Missha BB creams, or pink. It is a bit lighter for my skin tone, but that can easily be fix with a bronzer. 

left: daylight                               right: with flash

In my opinion this BB cream is perfect for every day school, college, or just "to the store" look, because it provides you a natural finish, and I highly recommend it if your skin is like mine, and you're looking something like this.
It contains SPF25, and you can use it alone or as a foundation base. 

The only thing that is bothering a bit is the smell. It doesn't smell like almost every BB cream I try so far, this one doesn't smell creamy at all. Since it contains a caviar, for me, it smells a bit raw I don't know how too explain it better, but I smell a raw smell. Thankfully, this smell goes away when the cream is applied. 


What do you think about this BB cream? Have you tried it yet? Will you?
Maja xx

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