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We are already stepped in to February... so I wanted to show you my January favorites

Ebay eyelash curler - I don't know why it took me so long to start to curl my lashes. This thing works wonders! I bought it as a joke, because I liked the colors on it, and I realized this thing really does curl my lashes, and they do become longer and a bit thicker. I bought it on the ebay for 3 or 4$. I don't have a link, because I bought it the last summer. But I'm sure you find it when you type "eyelash curler" in the search box.

Essence LE Class of 2013 blush is my "go to" blush which I wear the most of the time. It goes great with every makeup look, and has a great longlivety. I love it!

Life Stream Biogenic Aloe Vera Mist 6.16 .oz  - this is a face and a body tonic. It is great if you have irritated skin from shaving, or from sun burning or for acne's... I bought it on the  feelunique, for 5 pounds (8$) and I noticed it is more expensive now, than when I bought it. It contains 96% of aloe and it doesn't smell very nice, but I used on it.

Palmer's daily cleansing gel - this is a cleansing gel for a sensitive skin, it is almost "fragrance free" even it stats it is free of fragrance, but a bit of cocoa smell can be noticed.
It is creamy in texture, and a bit foamy, very pleasant on the skin.
My package is almost finished, and it started to leak when I put it on the table to take a picture, and can't stop it as you can see on the picture (sorry about that). I use it for the past 5 months every morning and every night. I bought it on the feelunique for less than 4 pounds (6$) with free shipping. 

Kanebo Sensai lipstick base - do you remember when I wrote in this post that I received a little treat when I was at the Kanebo Senasi event? Well, this lipstick base is a part one from that treat.
This is a gorgeous lipstick base and also a lip balm. It doesn't dry my lips (like some lip balms tend to do), just makes them highly moisturized and add them a bit of a "plumping effect" I just love it! But it is a bit pricey, around 30 pounds (50$).

Do you use a eyelash curler? And what are your montly favorites?
Maja xx

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  1. vrlo zanimljivi favoriti :) sve bih volela da probam:)