Kryolan lipstick in shade LCP650

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I was at the It girl & Kryolan event two weeks ago, and I got a red lipstick as a present, which I'm planing to review today. 
But first, let me tell you a few words about history of the Kryolan. 

It was found in 1945. in Berlin. Kryolan makeup appeared for the first time in 1939. when first German film was produced in color, so the founder of Kryolan made a makeup for that movie. And the rest is history. :)

*All Croatian actors and actress in TV shows and theaters wear a Kryoaln makeup. 

This lipstick comes in a metal, matte, compact package with a shiny Kryolan letters written on it. It weighs 4 grams, and the price is around 12$ here in Croatia. 
It only can be bought at one place in Croatia - in Kryolan show room (Brozova 36/2, Zagreb, Croatia).

I could say that the color of this lipstick is a universal red. Because it suits every skin undertone. In my opinion it is great during the day, if some of you find a red lipstick a bit bold during the day.  

It has an orangy undertone to it, and it is extremely nice on the lips. It glides very smooth on the lips, and it lasted around 3 hours on my lips, with eating and drinking. 
It doesn't dry lips, they feel very hydrated and this lipstick also contains a vitamin E. It smells like almost every lipstick, a bit overpowering in my opinion but it disappears a few moments after applying. 


Swatch on the lips was taken near window so you can notice the orangy undertone.  

I'm very happy with quality of this lipstick, it feels like a lip balm on the lips, it is gorgeous in color, and I will definitely pick a few other shades next time I visit Kryolan show room.  

Did you try any Kryoaln lipstick so far? Or any other Kryolan product?
Maja xx

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