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I tough it would be nice to write about "New In" posts from time to time. It is a great way for you to check in a few new things that maybe caught your eye, so you can tell me what do you want to read next.

So let's begin...

Bioderma Sebium Serum and Sebium AKN those were a bargain I bought a AKN, and a Serum was for free. Price for every piece is around 17$. I read reviews on the internet how this products are amazing for pimples, acne and scars. So I hope they will work wonders on my skin. 

I got this lipsticks as a gift. I already mention that I got a Kryolan lipstick when I attend to the Kryolan event a few weeks ago. And I won a L'oreal lipstick last week at my local drugstore when I was shopping. L'oreal lipstick is in shade Amber. I'm not a big fan of a nude lipsticks so I'll probably include this lipstick into my birthday giveaway next month. I didn't test it, but it has a tiny scratch at the bottom of the package, but it doesn't effect the product at all. 

Again with the foundation. This time I got my hands on the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation. I read a lot positive reviews about this foundation, and I hope it would be great for me too.

Eveline 8in1 is an intensive nail conditioner and it supposed to hardener nails, make them healthier, stronger, etc.. so I'll just have to see about that.
I haven't got a chance to try any of the Essie nail polishes so far, and this two looked so cute together, hope they won't disappoint me. 
I got Lancome nail polish in Chocolate Mordore when I exchanged my glow points writing at It Girl portal. It is a nice deep brown color. 

And a few eyeshadows. I got them very cheap on the and one is a present from my husband. <3
Clarins mineral eyeshadow in shade #12 AubergineChanel tester eyeshadow in shade #86 Trace and Dior eyeshadow palette in Smokey Navy

And the last piece of my "new in" post is a holder for a 24 lipstick/pencil/lipgloss which I bought on the Ebay for 5$
It is great, and I finally have all my lipsticks, glosess and pencils in one place. It took it about 12 days to arrive safely. 
Sorry about horrible picture above, I didn't realized until I upload it. 

This is it for my first "new in" post, and I have a feeling that I forgot something. Hm...

If you find something interesting in this post and you want me to do a review please leave a comment down below. Thanks!

What did you shop lately?
Maja xx

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  1. Kupila sam i ja prije nekih mjesec-dva ova dva proizvoda od Bioderme i Serum mi je zbilja odličan, ali treba nakon mjesec dana svakodnevnog korištenja napraviti pauzu... a AKN mi je nekako previše blag za mogu kožu.. ali daleko od toga da je loš :)) Evo baš idem pogledati na ebay ovaj stalak za ruževe.. dobro bi mi došao :D

    1. Nadam se da će i meni biti odličan.. još 3 tjedna ga trebam koristiti :D i onda radim pauzu.
      Stalak je odličan i virujen da će ti dobro doći! ;)