A few tips about peelings and a body scrubs

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Sometimes it can be a nightmare to find a perfect peeling. When I say a nightmare I mean on pimples that can show up a day after you used a peeling.
But, it doesn't mean that the peelings are a bad beauty product, yet they are in fact an excellent product. But before you invest some money in it, it would be good to know at least your type of a skin, is it a dry, combination or oily, and than choose a product that will fit your skin mostly.

If you can't find for which type of the skin is a product you tent to buy, than take a look at the ingredients list at the back of the package. If it contains oils it will be better for a dry skin, and it will probably cause pimples on a combination and oily skin.

Peelings and a body scrubs are a great way to prepair your skin for a proper care, because than will face and body creams absorb better into skin.

If your not into market products, you can make your own home made (DIY) peeling or a body scrub. You can take left over from a Turkish/strong black coffee and apply it on your body for a better skin circulation,  and it is also good for cellulite. Or you can mix cornflour or semolina with a olive oil for a body scrub, or instead of an olive oil put a bit honey and you have a home made face peeling.
And use peelings at least once in a week, your skin will be grateful.

If you buy or receive peeling as a present which will not suit your skin on face you can use it to scrub your body, but not the other way around. Don't use a body scrub on the face. Because the skin on the face is most exposed to the sun and outer influences and because of that it is more sensitive than skin on the body, so you have to treat it nicely and with care, if you wan't to stay young longer. :)

Do you use face peelings or body scrubs? Any recommendations?
Maja xx

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