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Last week I was invited to a Kenzo and Fendi event which was organized by the It Girl portal in a collaboration with a
fragrance distributor in Croatia - Promands. A few other bloggers were invited and we had a privilege to be introduced first with novelty from the Kenzo and Fendi fragrance line.

At the begging we all remembered the best selled fragrance from Kenzo, called Flower, and after that we started to enjoy a new LE fragrance -  Amour I love U which was released this year, during the Valentines day.

Last two fragrances from Kenzo are CouleurKenzo. Maybe your wondering why colors? It is because, Kenzo decided to provide a smell to a color. So this year he called them Pink and Yellow. Next year will be a new color released, and I can't wait to try it. They are released in 1.6 .oz bottles for the price of 85$ here in Croatia. 

COULEURKENZO pink & yellow via

When Kenzo provided a smell to the colors, he decided to do the same with a water. You all know that the water doesn't have a color so Kenzo wanted to give it a lot's of colors, flowers, happiness ... and he created a limited edition called L'eau Par Kenzo for women and man, which we can expect next month exclusive in Muller. It will be sell in a 1.6 .oz bottle for around 70$.

L'eau Par Kenzo via

And last Kenzo fragrance was made for the man. It is an Extreme version of the previous Kenzo Homme Sport called Homme Sport Extreme. It should arrive in May 2013. This fragrance was imagined for the good looking man who experience sport as a sun bathing and don't do anything. This is interesting. It would be nice to do a sport just by laying down and enjoy. :)


After we saw the Kenzo novelties, we were introduced with the star of the night, Fendi Fan di Fendi. This fragrance was released in 2010. but 3 years after we finally have it in Croatia. (15.03.2013.)
Inspiration for the Fan di Fendi bottle was taken from the Fendi Baquette and Peekaboo bags. Double ended F letter, which is created by Karl Lagerfeld in 1965. is covering a front side of the bottle, and of course, yellow color the signature of the Fendi brand.

Fan di Fendi comes in edp and edt version, packed in 1 .oz (60$), 1.6 .oz and 2.5 .oz bottles. Only the edp version comems with a deo spray, shower gel and a body lotion. 

Last fall was released Fan di Fendi Pour Homme in a 1.6. oz and a 3.3 .oz bottles. And with a body and skin line (after shave, shampoo, shower gel and a deo stick) included. 
Here in Croatia we can expect it the next month, and I suggest you ladies to try this one out if your planing to buy something for your man. This one is gorgeous.

all together 

And as a goodbye gift we all went home with a Fand di Fendi edp fragrance wrapped in a yellow makeup up bag. It looks so pretty. You can see it in a picture below. 
I have to thank DubravkaMaja and Silvana for a great organization and my colleges  (Persa,  Maruša,  Juraj,  Dunja,  Andrea,  and Zora) for a lovely company. 

Did you had a chance to try new Fan di Fendi? Any toughts?
Maja xx

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