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"Rouge Bunny Rouge were born of the desire to bring objects of opulence and beauty to those who yearn for the uncommon and exquisite. The brand incorporates an eclectic mix of origins and stories of Victorian era and Tsarist aristocratic identity.
Her Royal Highness Princess Rouge has been having a recurring dream about the magnificent and unpredictable Enchanted Garden, to which she has been led by Red Bunny."

As you have noticed, the concept of a Rouge Bunny Rouge brand is imagined as a fantasy world combined with playful sophistication and a hint of danger.

Ever since I discovered Rouge Bunny Rouge I have to admit I was impressed with packaging, details and stories behind each product. Whole impression of this brand looks a bit magical, dreamy, unreal, romantic and unusual at the same time. They really are something special.

Rouge Bunny Rouge logo via

I had a chance to try something from the Rouge Bunny Rouge, so today I'm reviewing a Losse Glitter pigments in shades;

*Wishing for wings - light nude mauve shade with a silver shiny particles.
*Night wind sailing - metallic pewter with a hint of a pearly pink reflection.
*Embrace of cashmere - light gold with a hint of a champagne color.
*Spun from sunny seawater - combination of a blue peackok feather and tropical emerald with scintillating gold accents.
*Caress of mink - taupe brown with a pewter plum highlights.
*Eaten all the cherries - gentle pink with a golden iridescent (gorgeous color to highlight the cheeks)
*Sleeping under a mandarin tree - golden dust warmth with a hint of mandarin (gorgeous color to highlight the cheeks). 

package of Loose Glitter Pigment via

Loose Glitter Pigments are not usual glitter pigments which I had a chance to try so far. These one are very soft and silky. Glitter is so mild and feels creamy on the fingers. I apply it with a flat synthetic brush and I tap a brush on the lids so I can get more intensive color and less fall outs on my face. 

All shades do blend very nicely and they add a dimension to eyes. You can wear them alone or over a black base for more intensive and smokey look. 

I'm very impressed with longlivety of this loose glitter pigments. They lasted for about 11 hours on my lids, without a base. And the interesting fact is that they didn't crease, they just start to fade in color and disappeared equally. 

Samples of Loose Glitter Pigments


Rouge Bunny Rouge products can be bought at the Rouge Bunny Rouge official web page. Price for each Loose Glitter Pigment is 23 euros + shipping (for Croatia is 7 euros) and I have to admit, even the Rouge Bunny Rouge have a high quality products, and I do love this Loose Glitter Pigments, they are a bit pricey with a shipping cost.

*PR sample
this is a PR sample, but that doesn't affect my opinion about this product. It was tested on my skin, and this review was based on my experience with this products. 

Did you hear about the Rouge Bunny Rouge brand? What do you think about Loose Glitter Pigments?
Maja xx

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