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I'm a bit late with monthly favorites, or maybe not since we are still in March. But I won't keep you waiting, let's see what did I used in the last month.

Anatomicals - The showering inferno hot and fiery body cleanser 
- this is a body shower which I bought because it has a very cool package. Anatomicals is a UK brand and they have a cool pictures and story written on every product.
This shower gel is like any other shower gel when it comes to washing, but it smells like gummy candy made of Coca Cola. :D I paid 1.5 pound for 10.oz of product on Asos.

Anatomicals snog me senseless mints
- when I picked a shower gel I just couldn't resist and not to buy a peppermint candy, again because of the packaging. I know this is not related to makeup, but I wanted to show you anyway.  

L'oreal Potionizer 
- this spray literary saved my hair when it becomes crazy during the humidity in the air. This is a great product, and you should expect a review about it soon.

m.Asam Aqua Intense 
- body losion which I got as a Christmas present from my dear friend Debbie. This is so far my favorite body lotion. It is so pleasant on the skin, dries very fast and the skin is hydrated until the next showering. It has a very subtle, almost unnoticeable scent, it contains hyaluroic acid, kreatin and shea butter. I know it can be bought in UK, but I don't know the price since it was a gift. 

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque 
- I'm not a fan of peelings and face masques, but I do use them because they do make a difference on skin. I bought this masque on the iherb for about 5$ + shipping (if you decide to buy this product, you can use my code SLN773 (for first order you get a 5$ discount if your order is less than 40$, and 10$ off if your order is over 40$. I also got a discount when you purchase and use my code, but I don't know how much % do I get.)
This masque is great, it shrinks the pores and skin looks very clean, smooth and healthy. When you apply it on your face you have to wait for about 15 minutes for it to dries, and than wash it off with a warm water, and don't apply it near eyes because it could irritate.

Rimmel Soft Beige 
- I already write a review in here. This is my favorite foundation at the moment.  

Emu Oil  Moisturising Eye Cream 
- under eye cream, which I bought on Feelunique. I didn't like it so much at the beginning  because I didn't know how to work with it. But I discover that it is the best to use it in a very small amount and than spread it until it absorbs into skin. If I don't do that properly I wake up with milia on my lids. 
This cream is very moisturizing and my under eye area does look less tired and not so blue like before. The package, which is not hygienic at all, contains 0.83 .oz of product and it costs around 8 pounds.

Chanel 86 Trace
- my favorite eyeshadow at the moment. I wear it almost every day. It has a very nice warm brown redish color with tiny silver particles in it. And it last during the whole day. 

Eveline Art Scenic 2u1 
- I already write about it in here, but I like to use it to illuminate my undereye area or as a eyeshadow base. 

L'oreal Super Liner 
- I write about it in here.

Missha eyebrow pencil 
- I use only this pencil to fill up my eyebrows. This pencil has it all, on one side it is a pencil and on the other side is a double ended brush and a smudge brush. I bought it on ebay for 4-5$. My shade is #2 dark grey brown or something similar I don't have link anymore to show you. 

Essence All about a Cupcake
- gentle pink lipstick which is great for everyday use. It doesn't last long on the lips, but it does look very nice on it. I paid around 3$ for it.  

- I paid 4.99$ for this brush. It has very thick and synthetic bristles. I love how it blends foundation in to skin, and face looks very natural.

- I think that a blending brush is a "must have" in every makeup bag. This one is my favorite. It is so fluffly indeed and also very gentle. It washes very easily, and a few bristles did fall out at the beginning now it is ok. I paid 3$ + postage on Abbamart.

Urban Decay Naked Basics
- has it's own post in here. I used it in combination with the Chanel Trace eyeshadow or just to neutralize my eye lids. 

And this is it. If you find something interesting, please do leave a comment I'm happy to answer on it. 

Which are yours favorite products in February? 

Maja xx

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