être belle Lash X - press & hyaluronic mascara

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être belle is a German company old more than a 30 years. It is a brand which offers a huge range of a makeup and a skin care line. 
Today I'll write you about  Lash X- press & hyaluronic mascara

The package is a combination of a black with golden letters written on it. Simple and elegant. It weighs 0.28 .oz and comes only in a black color. 

Mascara has a thick bristles, and curved brush so it imitates an eyelash curlier, and reaches for the smallest lashes. 
Hyaluronic acid moisturize the lashes so they become more flexible and combination of a natural and synthetic vax cover eyelashes completely.

I always believed (for some reason) if mascara has a bigger brush, than the eyelashes would be thicker. And I won't buy a mascara if it has a thin brush. It is more of a habit I would say. 
When I first put a Lash X - press & hyaluronic mascara I was very surprised with the effect on my eyes. I can apply it with two coats and it won't look too much. It doesn't fall out and last on my lashes for the whole day without loosing a volume. 

It is a great mascara for smaller eyes and it is also suitable for the people who wear lens and have a sensitive eyes.
In the picture below you can see how does être belle Lash X - press & hyaluronic mascara looks on my lashes: 

Price for this mascara is around 25$ and you can order it over this email address if your near Croatia or over a contact form at Slovenian web page

*PR sample
this is a PR sample, but that doesn't affect my opinion about this product. It was tested on my eyes, and this review was based on my experience only. 

What do you think about this mascara? Are you familiar with the être belle brand?
 Maja xx

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