NOTD - Misslyn Velvet Diamonds #85 Royal Blue

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One of the latest products which caught my eye were definitely Velvet Diamonds nail polishes from the Misslyn. They all have a sand finish, and they are much better in texture and finish than the L'oreal Golden Carat TC or O.P.I. Liquid Sands by Mariah Carey, because they are easier to remove.

I instantly felt in love with a blue shade, a true, deep, intense blue color called - Royal Blue. Name does its justice. 
For a full opaque color I used 2 thin layers, and after 10 minutes nails were dry. Brush is great, short and precise. 
It lasted for 3 days when it started to chip off on few nails.  
Price is around 7$ here in Croatia.  

On a picture below I applied Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat on my ring finger after 3 days of application,  just to show you difference with and without a TC, before I removed it completely. It still has a "sandy" finish, but a bit less than without a TC.

On the next picture below I wear OPI Domestic Goddess and above I applied Velvet Diamonds in shade #70 Spark of Hope, which is green, but above Domestic Goddess it turn out to be more golden than green. I think it is still pretty.  

What do you think about Velvet Diamonds polishes? Have you noticed it so far?
Maja xx

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