Tangle Teezer Original vs. Fake

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I already wrote a post about Tangle Teezer in shade Disco Purple in this post.

Recently, while I was searching on ebay I come across a fake Tangle Teezer in pink for 1.99$ with a free shipping, and decided to give it a try just to compare it with the original one.

At first, it is not obvious to spot where is the difference if we exclude the letters written on original Tangle Teezer.
But when I picked a fake one in my hand the difference was obvious. Fake one is lighter, bristles are more firmer and less flexible, but bristles are assorted equally like in the original Tangle Teezer.

Difference is noted while brushing hair, original is more gentle and flexible and brush easily, while a fake TT is much harder, rougher and less flexible bristle lead to a harder comb.

Let me show you the pictures, so you can notice where are the differences (pink one is a fake, and a purple one is the original).

So this is it. For less than a 2$ you have a regular brush, which can be very handy on trips, and it is a less cheaper than the other, regular brushes, as far as I know. I could say, you get what you paid for. :)

Did you spot a fake Tangle Teezer so far? Any toughts?
Maja xx

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  1. zanimljivo poredjenje :) moracu da nabavim ili TT ili macadamia cetku sto pre :)

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